Dreams are interesting for people from the time of immemorial. A person spends one third of their life sleeping, a quarter of that time is inhabited by Dreams. So is the fact that they have always excited mankind with uniqueness and difficult to capture essences. Less than 6 hours of sleep reduces the intellectual level of 20-30%, scientists have calculated. Their conclusion is that we have to go to bed on time.

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Vienna is one of the most beautiful and memorable towns along the Danube. This European city is distinguished by its elegance, its beautiful architecture and traditions in art and music. As the former capital of the empire, today Vienna is one of Europe's leading cultural capitals.

Traditions of Vienna are in art and culture and refers to theater, opera, classical music and fine arts. Their spirit is kept alive today in the Burgtheater, which together with its subsidiary, the Academy theater, are considered some of the best theaters in the German speaking world.

Vienna is the capital of Austria and one of the two provinces in the country. This largest city in Austria, has a population of about 2 million inhabitants located in the east, near the border with the Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. In 2001 the old...[ More on Vienna]

Palace of Versailles

Since its construction prior to the 4th - 5th century, the Palace of Versailles is an emblem of power, dominance and entertainment of the French monarchy. From then until today this incredible castle is considered one of the most beautiful royal palaces, not only in France but also in Europe. Versailles Palace was built in place of the previous hunting lodge in today's rich suburb of Paris - Versailles. It is located in the western suburbs of the French [capital], about 17.1 kilometers from the center of Paris.

For a little more than a century, from 1682 to 1789 Versailles was the capital of the French Kingdom and the incredible Palace of Versailles is centrally located to the French rulers. The name of this castle is associated mostly with the management of Louis XIV - the Sun King.

The construction was a...[ More on Palace of Versailles]

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Dobris Castle

Dobris Castle is an amazing and beautiful private chateau in the Czech Republic. One will remain amazed by the impressive size of the castle from its sophisticated architecture almost entirely sustained in Rococo style and warm colors, which shines in the facades. The Chateau is situated in the historic hunting area of the Bohemia area.

This area boasts a rich and intriguing history. Although it is privately owned, with one reservation everyone can have the chance to examine the Dobris Castle. If you choose to visit the castle, be sure to sit to eat lunch, and at the same time enjoy the beautiful views of its famous and picturesque gardens.

The castle is located about one hour drive from Prague. The beautiful Rococo chateau was erected in the second half of the 18th century. Until World War II Dobris was ow...[ More on Dobris Castle]

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Etretat in France

Etretat is a magnetic natural site, located in northern France. This beautiful place in Normandy can be reached by bus or car from the city of Le Havre, which is located about 32 km from there. The coastline is located west of Dieppe to the northeast of Havre.

The place where the village itself is built, Etretat, is known as the alabaster coast, which is famous for its large and high white cliffs, and beautiful natural arch. During summer the area is noisy and it becomes a bustling resort, but in winter it is more peaceful.

The beautiful natural arch is formed in the western rock called Falaise. The rock cavity is obtained under the pressure of the turbulent sea waves on soft rock, which by nature makes chalk. Another sight there is the so called Needle which can be seen if you take the special path to climb ...[ More on Etretat in France]

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Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the seven wonders of the world and one of the most popular tourist attractions throughout the land. The town itself, Pisa is located in central Italy, in Tuscany which lies on the Ligurian Sea. The easiest way to get to the town is by train or bus from Florence. There is an opportunity to land at the local airport with direct flights from most major European cities.

Construction of leaning tower of Pisa on the cathedral began in August 1173. Five years later the third floor was finished and the slope was already beginning to become known, however, there was a long period of interruption of its construction because of the wars with Florence. The second phase of construction began before 1272, adding four new floors which are built at different angles from the previous three. During the 1284 ...[ More on Leaning Tower of Pisa]

Malahide Castle in Dublin

Malahide Castle

Malahide Castle is one of those medieval palaces that are lost in [mystery] and legends. It is located near the Irish village of Malahide, 14 km from Dublin in the north of Ireland. The castle stands on the Howth peninsula, north of Dublin Bay. In translation from Irish, Malahide means, on the beach. This property comes within the natural park, which extends over an area of 250 acres. For nearly 800 years since its creation Malahide function both as a fortress and a private home.

Malahide Castle is one of the oldest historic forts in Ireland. From 1185 to 1975 the palace was a private mansion and home of the Talbot family. This is one of the longest periods in the history of all Ireland, in which a family keeps for such a long period ownership of this castle.

The oldest part of the Malahide Castle dates fr...[ More on Malahide Castle]

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Lalibela in Ethiopia

The stone churches in Lalibela are one of the destinations required if you decide to experience the Ethiopian cultural heritage. Located in the northern Ethiopian province today these rock monasteries have been described as one of the wonders of the Christian world.

Built in the 12th and 13th century and standing at an altitude off 2630 m, Lalibela today is a major religious center and a famous pilgrimage site. It was originally called, Rohan and was later renamed, Holy Monastery of the greatest king of the dynasty Zague Lalibela, who was a Christian.

Legends also say that he received a vision of how the ruler travels to Jerusalem, with that result he decided to build his Holy Mountain in the distant mountains of his homeland. Ten churches were carved out along the river that baptized Jordan and which still...[ More on Lalibela - Ethiopia]